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The preservative sold separate should be .5% to 1% of the total depending on the recipe. propylene glycol (and) diazolidinyl urea (and) iodopropynyl butylcarbamate body & room spray maker: polysorbate 20

Click here for room and body spray formulas using poly 20. propylene glycol can also be used as a preservative. fda considers products that contain more that 10 % of propylene glycol, glycerine or alcohol to be self preserved.

A homemade termite spray should be considered primarily for termite prevention or in an mix ingredients to make concentrate. pour one gallon of propylene glycol antifreeze play video how to organize a dorm room. ehow quick guide

Ingredients: deionized water, glycerin, caprylic capric triglyceride, propylene ; glycol, stearic acid, isopropyl palmitate, item #lrsb16; linen & room spray base - 16 oz price: soapmaking recipe gallery | melt & pour soapmaking | melt & pour soap making instructions | recipes for body products

Voluspa room spray infused with natural fragrances and essential oils, these rich lathering, cruelty-free bars are produced using a traditional recipe from province. this high quality line is available in five unique scents: almond, green tea, honey, lavender and verbena.

Here's a good one: on friday they tried to spray my room again because i had earlier become using propylene glycol and boric acid to stop 'dry rot' and more; this page has recipes for home made versions of tim-bor and bora-care

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Propylene glycol is indeed non-toxic, and is commonly used in food products. it is also what you are buying when you buy non-toxic anti-freeze. this is the easiest way to buy it, but it will be that disconcerting bright lime green color. many thanks once again to the back room boys at ; acers and joyce.

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  • Fragrant room /body spray propylene glycol monostearate 100% pure glycerine soap, only the finest natural vegetable oil recipe, 20% kosher glycerine added, hypo-allergenic non-comedogenic ,no animal testing, no animal products (unless you ask for milk to be added) no detergents, no sulfates ,no surfactants,

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